Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Not enough... or so I thought

I've not had the most wonderful couple of weeks at work. So as usual, I was dreaming about better things and trying to distract myself with plans full of awesome.

Ok, so I was surfing ebay.

I like ebay. But really what's not to like. So many potential projects, the thrill of the chase (Read; auction), cool bits, endless opportunities.

If only my time and funds were as endless. Hmm.

But I digress. I was surfing ebay. I was hankering after a kombi and something like this came up on my feed...

I LOVE low light bay windows.

I personally think they're the coolest thing VW made in a bus. Yeah, I know, split windows are really cool too. But splits drive awful. Really, I like the look but hate the experience.

For quite some time I entertained the idea of talking to my wife about it. Which just goes to show how deluded I was at the time. There are two problems with this...

1. My beautiful wife HATES kombis.
Let me repeat that. She hates kombis. Pathologically. It has to do with a lowlight ute left in our driveway some years back but let's not go there.

2. We have a "1 play car" rule.
When I say 'we', I really mean, 'she'. But it's not a rule I'm unhappy with. It's a good rule. A rule that has saved us from financial ruin and yards full of rusting hulks. Seriously.

I was of course forgetting both these things in hankering after the afore mentioned low light.

Tonight I drove my beetle out to a jam night. Actually, I've been driving pretty much everywhere recently.

It's a hoot.

Sure, I'm still collecting bits and chasing a decent engine case (another story) for upgrades. But in the mean time I'm driving it around running erands all over the place and it's running great.

After the jam night, a security guard came up to me as I was getting the car. We had a long conversation, but basically after finding out the car was mine, he instantly asked,

"Wanna sell it", and that's when I realized.

I realized, I don't want to sell it. I've just got it running properly. It's all ready to cop a substantial power upgrade that will make it even more fun. My wife likes it. My kids like it. It's 60 years old, rust free, original and uber cool.

"No", I told him, "I don't want to sell it".

I also realized, the kombi I was eyeing off on ebay would take six times the cash to even get registered. I didn't have the time for it. My wife didn't have the heart for it. I didn't really need another car. Specifically...

Retail therapy doesn't work, especially with project cars.

So. I'm gonna keep what I've got. Drive it. Enjoy it. Upgrade it. Race it.

And smile while other people change project cars like underwear.

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