Friday, 18 April 2014

Take a seat - Part 1

With a long weekend... and a shed full of junk it was time to get cracking on some thing before I run out of room to find the car and anything else that's living the shed at the mo. Current count...

Woodwork power tools, 7 bikes, timber, two engines, other tools, seat, fuel tank, car, trailer, engine parts etc, etc.

You get the idea.

So rolled the car out and pulled the back off the seat. The next trick was to pull the seatbase down and see what I was left with. I was pretty surprised how easy to was, really. The cover was harder to get off than the springing. The springing is held on by 11 bent tabs you can see round the perimeter of the base. Here's the exploded view of the base.

When I saw how much springing was inside the seat base, I got a much better idea of A. why the seat was so tall in the car, and B. why I was bouncing up and down so much at khanas. Basically it's designed like a 1950's couch.

Cool if you want to race on couch, utterly rubbish if you want to stay on the seat in a corner.

I decided at this point to throw the old fibreglass seat on top to see what I had to work with. Of course I'm not using this actually seat, it will just be a mould, but it shows us where we're at.

The next trick will be deciding how to attach the glass seat onto the base. I think by law I'm required to have the seat flip forward for passengers to enter and exit the car. The original back adjustment (see round dial on lower right) is still there and works famously, so I may even work something into that and put a piano spring or similar at the front.

In other news, we finally have an engine block, so the 1600 you can make out in the background above will go back to my brother to go in his bus or in his beetle. The specs for motor are current as follows...1585cc (85.5mm pistons). Balanced crank/rod/etc. Lightened flywheel. Stockish cam. Full flow filter and maybe a cooler. Ratio rockers. Stockish heads.

Getting back to the seat, the next job is really fibreglassing. Hmm, scratchy, smelly, sticky fibre glassing.

I can't wait...

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