Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Take a seat - Part 2

Having filled, sanded, filled, sanded, etc, the seat. It was time to throw some paint on to get things started for fibreglassing. One of the tricks is to get the surface as flat and shiny as possible. Given that the surface was never gonna be that flat, putting on some gloss paint was the trick.

Yes I know, it's bright red.

One of my boys told me it looked really good. It did, from a distance, especially if you didn't look for all the nasty stress fractures.

Basically, having rummaged through the garage to find some usable gloss paint, Killrust red was the best I could do. Two coats of that later and I was ready to start applying something to aid removal after fibre glassing.

PVA is a great mould release agent. It's also cheap and I had plenty of it lying around. So two coats of that are also going on the seat. After this, I'll probably put release wax on too. Basically the more ways you can guarantee the seat won't stick to the resin, the better off you are.

Till next time...

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