Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Close encounters of the bogan kind

As per usual, lots of people talk to me about the car. Many, owned one similar. Lots of others just like it.

And then there are the bogans.

At a petrol station filling up, with the bonnet up...
Bogan; "hey mate, have you found the engine yet?" [laughs]
Me; [Sarcasm] "No, I'm still trying to figure out where they put it."
Bogan; [Mystified] "Have you just bought it?"
Me; "No" [winking]
Bogan; [still confused, gets in 80's mazda] "Seriously though, nice car"
Me; "Cheers"
Bogan; [hangs head out window] "Will it do a burn out?"
Me; [laugh] "mate, it's lucky if it's got 20hp at the wheels"
Bogan; "F#$%! It's as bad as this thing."

Love bogans.

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