Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Get me outta here!

Just found out some crushing news. For reasons I don't really understand, a very good friend just cut me out of his life. Completely.

Totally gutted.

It's times like this that I just want to climb in a car and drive away, never to return. Told my wife as much. Of course it's not what I will do, but just how I feel.

The beetle is a good car to have on days like this. So I backed it out and went for a drive to try and clear my head.

I live pretty close to a bunch of semi-rural country. There are lots of long, straight roads lined with trees, small farms, fresh air, greenery and not much traffic.

Perfect for a 1950's beetle.

For half an hour I could pretend I was in another place, another time, maybe even another country.

When I came back, I still felt hurt, but somehow things seemed bearable again. Like I could get on with my life and work again.

Thank God for small, aircooled, time capsules.

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