Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Khanacross results - the follow-up...

I got the results to the khanacross almost a week after the event. I was really looking forward to them. It's probably better for me to just show you the picture before adding any more comments...

The numbers aren't on the left edge, but this is how it pans out. I was15th outright and only one place off a few juniors. Hmm...

I won't lie, I felt pretty disappointed when I saw that.

But then really, what should I have expected? It's probably got 20hp at the wheels. It's old. The car has no bumpstops. I was driving very conservatively and it was my first khanacross in the car. My first khanacross in a few years. Making it to the end of the day without complications should have been enough.

A more careful look at the results shows the car was slower in the more open tests but more competitive in the tighter tests. Some of that is to do with low engine power, it's also to do with the roughness of the open courses. I was trying not to bottom out the suspension and have the wheels smash the guards.

So I guess this is a measuring post.

Let the bumpstops assume their former positions. Let the driver acquire some spine. More than that...

Let the upgrades begin.

In other news, I've been driving the car as much as possible. Since the khana prep the car is going really well. Basically we found the voltage regulator was draining the battery. The same mate also fixed the interior light and the indicators. Another helped me tune it and it's pretty sweet for a gutless, oil burning, tractor engine.

It's a lot of fun to drive. Just needs more power now.

P.s. My 'off the side of the road' engine case was full of corrosion. So I'm seeking out another one. I've also got some other parts coming from the US.

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