Friday, 7 March 2014

Will I make it to the KC, part 5.

Well, apparently the answer is...


I'm sort of surprised. I need to take it round the block in the mo when my wife gets home, but aside of that, I think it's ready.

It's now sporting;
Camber compensator
Fire extinguisher
rear rally tyres
more ground clearance
a running engine
an interior light
and blinkers

So there. Course I just read the sup-regs for the khanacross and discovered I'll be in the same class as over 2000cc cars because of the supercharger, even though I should probably be in the 0-1200cc class. Oh well.

Of course, I'm beginning to think it's kind of like "Roadkill" TV. Where 2 days before the trip, the car doesn't even run. However, the car does run. It's got oil, supercharger lubricant and drove ok today. So all I have to do is make it there, run in the khana, then drive home.

What can possibly go wrong?

Don't answer...

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