Thursday, 6 March 2014

Will I make it to the KC, part 4.

What I planned to do today;
Weld on some front bump stops
Trial fit rally tyres
Fit camber compensator
Test drive

What I did;
Fluff around trying to get the engine to start nearly all day.

I was spose to drive the kids to footy practice in the car in the evening, but I couldn't even get it to start for that. Thank God a mate came and helped me sorted it out tonight, even then I couldn't get the timing light to work. *sigh* So I don't have a lot of progress to report, although another mate sorted out the indicators, which now work and the interior light, so that was nice.

I finally got into things tonight. First up I made a new setup for the camber compensator. Basically, the urethane bushes it came with are rubbish. One broke as I tried to take it off the spring the other day...

Yeah, I know. Chinese parts. Doesn't matter really, coz I came up with a plan to make it a lot better. And it looks like this...

This pic shows it upside down, but the idea is this. The red bumpstop prevents the axle tube coming down too low. The U-bolt both locates the axle tube onto the bumpstop and means the compensator spring controls upward motion too. I got the idea from a discussion.

I also had time tonight to trial fit the steer tyres on the front of the car...

This is kind of mixed. The tyre do fit, however. Without the bumpstops, there's not a lot of space between the tyre and the edge of the guard as is. Also, the tyres rub on the body seam at full lock. So really it's a fail and I'll put them on the back. That means I need to find something that fits better on the front. For Saturday, if I go, I'll fit them as the back tyres. I guess I could buy a cheap pair of tyres and tyre groover and carve them up for dirt events. Maybe it's not worth it. Have to see.

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