Sunday, 2 March 2014

Will I make it to the khanacross?

It's monday, on saturday is a khanacross. Khanacross is like motorkhanas, but with straights. None of the straights are longer than 100metres, on dirt.

So, I pulled the beetle out of the garage this morning to go to the physio... and it ran on 3 cylinders. Hmm...

I have a few challenges.
1. There are no bumpstops (front cut off, none on the rear from stock)
2. Fire extinguisher
3. Tyres
4. Aircleaner
5. Camber compensator
6. Battery

So far, I have bought an extinguisher. I've got an aircleaner that fits the judson mesh, totally by accident. I have the rear rally tyres, but I'm not sure if the rims will fit under the guards. Have to organize the front steer tyres too. Camber compensator is 2 bits of metal away from being fitted.

Battery, well I need a new one I think. The generator and regulator are throwing 13volts as the revs rise. So they're ok. The battery on the other hand, keeps going flat.

I've spent a few moments cleaning plugs and all seems well there now. Might need to buy some spares though.

So it's not impossible, but the other thing is it's a 58yo car with a tired engine. The event is an hour's drive away. Then race. Then drive home an hour. And of course our other car is showing a few dramas too.

Hmm, will I make it?

P.s. turns out the battery is ok, just needs a little water. The voltage regulator was draining the battery to the tune of about 5 watts. Just as well I had a spare.

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