Thursday, 15 May 2014

Personal space

I was just watching teev with my boys when I saw Honda's new add for the City model.

Apparently it's time to "reclaim your personal space".

To wit, a good chunk of the ad seems to be about fitting your new, "compact" Honda into difficult parking spaces. (The rest of it appears to be people buying a car to escape all manner of awkward situations where people invade aforementioned personal space.)

What an old idea the parking thing is.

Smart came up with a better solution about 20 years back with a car you could park nose first into the gutter. Mini before it had similar ideas... which have been the subject of many Mr Bean sight gags.

But really what I instantly thought was, I do that all the time...

Would you believe, motorcycle parking

The thing is, early beetles are very compact. I regularly park it in crazy small parking spots. (The one pictured above is super small hence me taking a pic.)

But they fit.

So Honda, stop pretending you invented compact. My 60yo leaves you for dead every day of the week (even if the oval rear window and blinds ruin rear vision).

By the way, try fitting a whole family in an Austin 7 some time. It was regarded as a 'compact' family car in it's day.

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