Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Take a seat - Part 6

Sorry, if you've been checking this blog. It's been 6 months and there's a bit to say, but for now I'll try and update the seat situation.

I kinda feel like a failure, but it was time to "get it done" and it was my birthday. My poor wife had no idea what to buy me and I was trawling gumtree and ebay for lowback racing seats. I found a lot of "Cobra classics", but they were all black and $500. No chance of that.

What I found was this...

It's an 18" Kirkey low back racing seat. This is the widest seat they make. When I picked it up, I thought, "oh man, this thing is too wide". However, it's about right. I will pad the sides out a little, but it's pretty well right. So the next trick to building a frame to connect it to the stock seat base I have.

The two are closer in dimensions than I thought, so that's nice. Just trying to sort out how to join them up. The seat will be MUCH better for motorsport than the stock, "bouncing out the window" springs. I'm not sure that it will that awesome round the burbs though. So the aim it to be able to swap it out easilt whenever I need to.

In other news, after a protracted top end rebuild (new pistons/cylinders/rings/HD valve springs) the motor is back in the car and running again. Managed to find a boost leak and the turbo has been pulled down, checked and pressure tested. The first proper run netted a max of 13.4psi boost. 9.5psi higher than I could ever manage before.

There is lots of tuning left to do, but we're on the right track. More soon.

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