Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Bye, bye Judson. Out with the old, in with the Tur...

There's been a fair bit of action towards the in end of the year. Sort of. That is say, my new motor finally turned up a few days before Christmas...

Sadly, it ended up costing a fair bit more than both myself and my engine builder thought.

Oh well. It's done. Sort of. The cam is broken in and it's ready to start installing in the car.

Here are the specs thus far for the long block;
Block; stock
Heads; stock
Rocker gear and valves; stock
Rods; stock
Pistons; 85.5mm factory dished top
Crank; stock, 69mm balanced
Cam; Engle TCS-10

Yep, that's right, it's basically a stock 1300 with bigger pots, dual port heads, balanced, with a snall turbo cam.

You read that one right. Turbo.

I've gone this direction for a few reasons;
1. The new supercharger was almost impossible to fit under the decklid with an intercooler and all the associated bits.
2. I wasn't confident about some of the parts and a decent pulley kit was the same price as a turbo.
3. Superchargers suck power off the motor. Turboes add it.
4. One of my best mates has been hassling me to go turbo.

The judson is also gone now... werl it soon will be.

It sold in just 4 hours on a facebook group. For stupid money too. I'm not sad to see it go. Let me tell you why...

Judson Superchargers Suck (not blow)
1. Vane style blowers need constant lubrication. This ruins the fuel mix and adds contaminants (oil) that cause pre-detonation (pinging). Because of the need to run the oil/fuel mixture through it, you can't use an intercooler either... or alcohol injection because that thins the oil and heats the supercharger up more.
2. Vane style blowers create lot of heat. This also is another active ingredient in pre-detonation
3. Vane style blowers are limited by the friction of the vanes against the house. So you can never get more than about 5psi out it and it runs out of top end very fast.
4. Okrasa style heads/dual carbs actually produce more top end power.

The first three points here are sudden death in Australia where the summers are hot.

Bye, bye Judson, we won't miss you here. You've killed this engine.

My next challenge is to organize a turbo header of some sort.

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