Thursday, 24 July 2014

Take a seat - Part 3 (the rethink)

Ok, so it hasn't quite worked out like I'd hoped. After all the dramas I had with the fibre glass, followed by the thought of spending over $100 on resin before I could hope to cover the seat... Well, let's just say I started re-thinking things.

Maybe I could fix the fibreglass on the old seat?

No, been there before. It's a dead loss and only good for a mould. Hmmm.

Maybe I could find a cheap, oldschool racing seat on ebay?

Again, been there. The only thing that looked similar was a speedway seat that was over $300 and needed lots of work. I still wasn't convinced it would work. Hmmm.

So the other night I was lying in bed finding it hard to sleep. I got to thinking about the whole seat situation. I tried to think out of the box. Maybe I could build something out of plywood using the base I have as a starting point. Or maybe some aluminium sheet instead. Either way, I'd need some sort of frame to attach either material to, to hold it in place.

Which was when it hit me. I already had a frame to attach it to!

The factory seat frame.

Sometimes I'm a bit slow. As I thought about it more, it was ideal. Strong, the right shape, pre-bent and welded. All it needs are few more members and some bracing.

I'm not sure if it will continue to fold forward. I suspect not. However, whatever way I go, this is more oldschool race than anything else. More hotrod, more outlaw racer.

Can't afford a fancy racing seat? That's ok. Pull apart the stock one. Cut it up, weld it up and recover it the way you want it.

The added bonus with this being it will look pretty close to stock and factory. Coz it is stock and factory.

Only I won't fall out of this one going round corners... seriously.

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