Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Unexpected motorsport - the results

I opened my phone to find an email from the car club today. That meant just one thing...


Now, of course, no one is racing for sheep stations (trophies), however, it's always good to see how you're going and how far off the pace the car was across the day.

Before you ask, no, I didn't win outright.

What I did post was a respectable 20th outright, and 10th in the most popular class on the day. I'm pretty happy with that. It put me a little over halfway up the field with another 22 competitors behind me (42 all up).

Here's a pic of the results...

The overall win was taken by a WRX that was pretty well driven. The next two places were taken by two great drivers in front wheel drives, both in my class.

The cool thing is that every car above me (and behind me) had at least double the power. Also, as you can see, my record is completely clean with no 'WD's or 'f's. It pretty clear that a good number of the drivers ahead of me would have done even better if they'd avoided flags and gone the right direction.

As far as pace, werl, the car seems to have little if any.

At best it was 6 seconds off the pace, which is not bad. However, mostly it was a whole 15 seconds or more slower than the fastest time. I guess the good news in this is, I can only go up from here in... and the car has already shown some improvement.

A quick phonecall to my engine builder today confirmed the new motor is still some way off. Oh well, I guess I'll have to work on other things til it's ready.

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