Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Hoarding junk in the hope of glory

Quick update. Been off to my fave mechanics today to drop these in...

If you're thinking, "that looks like engine parts", then you're correct. In fact that's exactly what they are. Coz it's time to build a new engine!

The good news is, everything in that pile was free. Yep. Free.

The case you can see with the oilcooler sticking up I found on the side of the road about a year back. Seriously. Someone had thrown out a stack of 1600 parts, including the case with a seized bottom. I know the crank is useless, but the case appears to be ok.

The rest of the parts came from a mate who was rebuilding a stock engine... until his daughter came down with leukemia.

So while the engine case sat in a degreasing solution, some of the magnesium alloy oxidized and that was the end of it. He was happy enough to get the remainder of the parts out of his garage and help me build a new motor.

Specs? Well that's sort of the interesting bit. You see I also have these bits sitting in my garage...

If you don't know what you're looking at, here's the list...
 - AMR 500 supercharger
 - Intercooler
 - Serpentine belt system
That setup allows for about 9psi of boost which is conservative but dependable. As Hans my engine builder said, "what you want is torque".

So the motor will be a regular 1600, only balanced, fully oiled and cooled. I also have a Microsquirt EFI computer to fit to the motor.

So it begins.

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